1 Overview

This chapter describes Oracle Communicator, its intended purpose, and how to use it. Additional information may be provided by your administrator.

Introducing Oracle Communicator

Oracle Communicator enables you to keep in touch with the important people in your life. You can see your Contacts' presence (that is, their availability), and communicate with them by sending instant messages and sharing files.


A Banner Notification may appear when you start Oracle Communicator. It is a way for your system administrator to contact you about Oracle Communicator, or about any other organizational information. Banners may be persistent (that is, they remain on your screen), or you may be able to dismiss them by clicking on a Close button (as set by your administrator).

Getting More Help

The Help pages in the product describe all Oracle Communicator functionality, in-context; you may or may not have all functionality enabled depending on the version provided by your service provider.

This guide is meant to give you an overview of the functionality of Oracle Communicator. Its screens illustrate functionality, but your screens' appearance depends on the theme selected. The appearance of your screens will vary, depending on your theme. In this guide, and in Help pages, you will see screen examples using the Slate theme. Some functionality is accessed differently depending on the selected theme. Your service provider will make one or more themes available to you, and you may select them using the Preferences dialog.