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1 Getting Started with the AIA Development Guide

2 Working with Project Lifecycle Workbench

3 Harvesting Oracle AIA Content

4 Working with Project Lifecycle Workbench Bills of Material

5 Working with Project Lifecycle Workbench Seed Data

6 Generating Deployment Plans and Deploying Artifacts

7 Generating a Deployment Plan for ODI

8 Configuring and Using Oracle Enterprise Repository as the Oracle AIA SOA Repository

9 Annotating Composites

10 Designing and Developing Enterprise Business Services

11 Designing Application Business Connector Services

12 Constructing the ABCS

13 Completing ABCS Development

14 Designing and Constructing Composite Business Processes

15 Designing and Constructing Enterprise Business Flows

16 Introduction to B2B Integration Using AIA

17 Developing and Implementing Outbound B2B Integration Flows

18 Developing and Implementing Inbound B2B Integration Flows

19 Working with Service Constructor

20 Building AIA Integration Flows

21 Establishing Resource Connectivity

22 Using Oracle Data Integrator for Bulk Processing

23 Working with Message Transformations

24 Configuring Oracle AIA Processes for Error Handling and Trace Logging

25 Working with AIA Design Patterns

26 Working with Security

27 Best Practices for Designing and Building End-to-End Integration Flows

28 Tuning Integration Flows

29 Oracle AIA Naming Standards for AIA Development

A Delivered Oracle AIA XPath Functions

B XSL for Developing CAVS-Enabled Oracle AIA Services