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Oracle® Communications Billing and Revenue Management Installation Guide
Release 7.4

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Part I Getting Started with BRM Installation

1 BRM Installation Overview

2 BRM Software Compatibility

3 Database Configuration and Tuning

4 System Requirements

Part II Installing BRM

5 Installing and Configuring the Oracle Database

6 Installing the Third-Party Software

7 Installing BRM

8 Installing a Multischema or Multidatabase System

9 Installing and Configuring BRM with IMDB Cache Manager

10 Installing BRM Client and Server Applications on UNIX

11 Installing BRM Client and Server Applications on Windows

12 Installing Tax Calculation Managers

13 Installing Paymentech Manager

14 Troubleshooting the BRM Installation

15 Installing Multiple BRM Instances on One System for Testing

16 Uninstalling BRM

17 Installation Utilities

Part III Installing Pipeline Manager

18 Installing Pipeline Manager

19 About Pipeline Configuration Manager

20 Testing Pipeline Manager

Part IV Installing the Account Synchronization DM

21 About Sending Account Data to Pipeline Manager

22 Installing and Configuring the Account Synchronization DM

23 Account Synchronization DM Installation Utilities