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Oracle® Communications Billing and Revenue Management Telco Integration
Release 7.4

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Part I Overview of Integrating Wireless Services

1 About Integrating Wireless Services

2 Overview of BRM Wireless Services Installation

3 Installing Wireless Suite

Part II Prepaid AAA Overview

4 Understanding Prepaid AAA

5 How BRM Processes Prepaid AAA Requests

6 Using Lightweight Authorization

7 Telco Integration Utilities

8 Telco Prepaid Utilities

Part III Managing GSM Services

9 About Provisioning GSM Services

10 About Performing AAA for Prepaid GSM Services

11 Installing and Configuring GSM Manager and Provisioning Data Manager

12 Installing GSM AAA Manager

13 Setting Up GSM Wireless Pricing

14 Installing Services Framework Manager

15 Installing Services Framework AAA Manager

16 About Customizing the Services Framework Manager Client

Part IV Services Framework Overview

17 Understanding the Services Framework

18 About Managing Prepaid Services and Extended Rating Attributes

19 About Provisioning Services

20 About Performing AAA for Prepaid Services

21 Adding New Prepaid Services

22 Testing Provisioning Using BRM Network Simulator

23 Services Framework Utilities

Part V Managing GPRS Services

24 About Performing AAA for Prepaid GPRS Services

25 Installing GPRS Manager 3.0

26 About Managing and Provisioning GPRS Services

27 Installing GPRS AAA Manager

Part VI Managing IMT and PDC Services

28 About Using IMT Manager

29 Installing and Configuring IMT Manager

30 Configuring IMT and PDC Services and Extended Rating Attributes

31 Adding a New IMT or PDC Service

Part VII Managing Telephone Number Inventory

32 About Managing Telephone Numbers

33 Installing and Configuring Number Manager and Number Administration Center

34 Number Manager Utilities

Part VIII Managing SIM Card Inventory

35 About Managing SIM Card Inventory

36 Installing and Configuring SIM Manager and SIM Administration Center

37 SIM Manager Utilities

Part IX Managing Voucher Inventory

38 About Managing Voucher Inventory

39 Installing and Configuring Voucher Manager and Voucher Administration Center

40 Voucher Manager Utilities

Part X Managing IP Address and APN Inventories

41 About IP Address Manager

42 Installing and Configuring IP Address Manager and IP Address Administration Center

43 Using the IP Address Manager APIs

Part XI Managing Dropped Calls and Continuation Calls

44 About Finding Dropped Calls and Continuation Calls

45 Configuring Your System for Dropped Calls and Continuation Calls