4 Migration Utility

This chapter provides reference information for the Oracle Communications Pricing Design Center (PDC) migration utility.


Use the MigrateBRMPricing utility to migrate existing pricing and configuration objects from the BRM database to the PDC database or from the existing PDC database to the new PDC database.

See "Migrating Pricing Data to PDC With RRE and BRE" and "Migrating Pricing Data to PDC With ECE" more information.

MigrateBRMPricing uses the BRM_Integration_Pack_Home/apps/migration/MigrationConfiguration.xml properties file that contains login information for the databases and other configuration settings. See "Configuring the Migration Utility" for more information.




Start the migration process:

MigrateBRMPricing -object -analyze

Resume the migration process:

MigrateBRMPricing -resume

Restart the migration process:

MigrateBRMPricing -object -analyze -restart

Retarget migration:

MigrateBRMPricing -retarget -properties MigrateConfigurtion_FileName

Generate an analysis report:

MigrateBRMPricing -object -analyze -report

Generate a status report:

MigrateBRMPricing -status



Specifies the BRM or PDC objects to migrate:

  • metadata: Migrates the event, service, account, and profile attribute specifications.

  • setup: Migrates all the configuration objects other than event, service, account, and profile attribute specifications.

  • config: Migrates all the configuration objects.

  • pricing: Migrates all the pricing objects.

  • product: Migrates all the products and all the objects referenced by a product, including rateplans, price model selectors, Access Point Name (APN) selectors, price models, time models, and usage scenario (USC) groups.

  • discount: Migrates all the discounts and all the objects referenced by discounts, including discount models, discount model selectors, discount rules, triggers, and filters.

  • sponsorship: Migrates chargeshares and all objects referenced by a chargeshare.

  • subscription: Migrates all subscriptions, including deals, plans, and plan lists.


Extracts BRM or PDC objects from the BRM or PDC database and analyzes the data.

For example, the following command extracts and analyzes the configuration objects:

MigrateBRMPricing -config -analyze

Resumes the migration process that is currently in progress.


Restarts the migration process.

For example, the following command restarts the configuration objects migration:

MigrateBRMPricing -config -analyze -restart

Retargets the migration data to another PDC and BRM system.


  • This parameter is used in conjunction with -properties parameter.

  • Before running the migration utility with the -retarget parameter, update the MigrateConfiguration.xml file to the PDC and BRM systems where you want to retarget the migration data (see "Importing the Migrated Data to the Production Systems").

-properties MigarateConfiguration_FileName

Specifies the name and location of the migration configuration file that is used with the -retarget parameter.


Generates an analysis report.

For example, the following command generates the configuration analysis report:

MigrateBRMPricing -config -analyze -report

Generates a status report.


You cannot use the -status parameter with -analyze, -report, or -restart parameter.


If the utility displays an error message, look in the MigrateBRMPricing log file to determine the cause of the error. The log file is located in the log file directory specified in the migration configuration file.