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Oracle Fusion Middleware Deployment Planning Guide for Oracle Unified Directory 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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1.  Overview of Oracle Unified Directory

2.  Overview of the Directory Server

3.  Overview of the Proxy Server

4.  Overview of the Replication Gateway

What Is the Replication Gateway?

Setting Up the Replication Gateway

Deploying the Replication Gateway

How the Replication Gateway Works

Limitations of the Replication Gateway

5.  Building Blocks of the Proxy Server

6.  Example Deployments Using the Directory Server

7.  Example Deployments Using the Proxy Server

8.  Simple Proxy Deployments Using the Command Line Interface

9.  Deploying Advanced Proxy Architectures

What Is the Replication Gateway?

Replication is a mechanism that propagates a change made to one directory server to multiple different directories in a replication topology. The main purpose of the replication gateway is to facilitate existing Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition deployments to migrate to an Oracle Unified Directory topology. The minimum version for this migration to succeed is Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition 11g Release 1 (11.1.1). The replication gateway translates and propagates the replication information effectively between directory servers from Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition and directory servers from Oracle Unified Directory. This is achieved by managing the translation on the fly without storing any data on a disk.

For high availability, two replication gateway servers are deployed in every scenario.