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April 2013
This ReadMe accompanies the following Oracle products for the Oracle Solaris SPARC, Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, and Linux x86 operating systems: .

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The Oracle Documaker Documentation Libraries include the following reference materials:

Items Addressed

This is a cumulative patch to Documaker 12.1. The following items are included in this release and originally addressed in the product version indicated. This list may include previous fixes and enhancements that were applied to Documaker components, but may not relate directly to the Documaker Transall product and additional updates within other products within the suite may impact the behavior of Transall based systems.
In addition to the following items there may also be additional product enhancements outlined in the Release Notes which are available on OTN. (12.1 Patch 02)

There are no specific product changes or BugDB items related to Transall in this patch. (12.1 Patch 01)

BugDB# Description
This patch fixes an issue in the Transall editor code that caused the node keys to be built incorrectly when the editor was importing the XML layout from a file. As a result, the tree in the XML Plus Assistant was not fully flushed out because the proper keys could not be located.

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