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April 2013
This ReadMe accompanies the following Oracle products for the Oracle Solaris SPARC, Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX, IBM z/OS, and Linux x86 operating systems:

Note: This release of Oracle Documaker components is for multiple platforms.

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Items Addressed

This is a cumulative patch to Documaker 12.1. The following items are included in this release and originally addressed in the product version indicated. This list may include previous fixes and enhancements that were applied to Documaker components, but may not relate directly to the Documaker Standard Edition products.
In addition to the following items there may also be additional product enhancements outlined in the Release Notes which are available on OTN. (12.1 Patch 02)


There are no specific product changes or BugDB items related to Installation in this patch.

Documaker Core
BugDB# Description
14323843 This patch corrects a GENDATA endless loop condition that can occur when the GroupBegin section level rule is used along with the GroupPagination function, and the section that is split is too large to fit on the page.
14240359 This patch fixes a problem where the Move_It field rule would not apply the specified formatting parameters if the Move_It rule was preprocessing data on behalf of the JustFld or MoveExt field rules.
14504673 This patch fixes a problem where automatic page numbering would not always produce the correct page numbers if the reserved page numbering fields were embedded in a text area.
14672541 This patch fixes potential program exceptions that could occur when using a DAL trigger with an XDD field reference to a field that uses the AnyToAny rule with an XML input file. Using the AnyToAny rule within a DAL trigger with an XDD source type of Alphanumeric would result in a crash on Linux in 12.1 if the record was not found or the requested data was empty.
14780544 This patch causes GENDATA MergeWIP processing to issue a warning message if a transaction, retrieved from WIP, does not have any forms triggered.
14711368 This patch fixes a problem where the months of September and November were spelled incorrectly for the "Portuguese/Portuguese" locale.
14306218 This patch addresses the issue of page number fields in the columns and table cell and resolved as '1'.
15941871 This patch fixes a problem where a search mask with a leading space specified for an XDD entry could cause GenData to crash.
16237903 Proof Printer selection is enabled again for dc2octrl in Common Objects 11.3/Printcommander 6.0.17.

Documaker Studio & Utilities
BugDB# Description
14624638This patch corrects an issue with the LBYPROC utility in which the USERID value provided in the library ADD script was ignored, and was not used to populate the UserID field of the library record for the resource that was added to the library.
14174749 This patch fixes a problem in DMStudio where the MAXLENGTH attribute could not be overridden when converting an XSD to a Data Extract (XDD).
14582080 This patch fixes various incorrect content positioning issues for RTF output; in particular, occasional tab stop positioning and spacing between paragraphs.
15851587 Inserting a field into a text area from the XDD was not consistent between inserting using drag and drop and the Insert Field dialog. In addition to the field name being incorrect if inserted from the Insert Field dialog the Source Name instance ID was incorrect when inserted using drag and drop if there were multiple instances of the same field in the XDD tree. This patch fixes a problem where an XDD field inserted into a text area using the Insert Field dialog would give the inserted field a system generated name instead of the actual field name. The assigned rule would also be blank instead of XDD.
16204118 Change multiple sections can't process a section if the section name contains periods. Change multiple forms has the same issue. This patch fixes a problem where the feature to make bulk changes to multiple sections or forms would not work if the name of a section or form contained a period.
16305733 This patch fixes a crash in DMStudio which could occur when trying to combine adjacent text labels during the bulk conversion of sections.
16305733 This patch fixes a problem where labels which were not visually adjacent to each could be combined. It also corrects the combining logic so that it adheres to the specifications documented in the "Documaker Studio User Guide" for combining adjacent text labels. Labels which were created in succession but were placed visually out of order would be combined. Any spacing between adjacent text labels would also be unconditionally lost if combined.
15837871 This patch corrects a DM Studio issue in which opening a PAR resource and selecting File->Print, Document View, then printing using the "Form Set" option on the dialog produced empty RTF and PDF documents.
15935981 This patch fixes a problem where the unique ID value for an XDD item would always display the value for the first instance of that item in the XDD Sidebar "preview" window.
15868860 This patch corrects a problem in which, in some situations, deleting a large block of text in a multiline text field, or using Paragraph Selection to change to a smaller set of paragraph text, did not shrink the section back sufficiently to allow the following sections to flow back to the previous page.
16205149 This patch corrects a problem where the last letter in a line of text may be removed when a word has been replaced using the spell checker.
This patch allows users to select Paragraph (PAR) files for conversion in addition to Section (FAP) files when using Conversion / Sections to Print Files in DM Studio.

Documaker Workstation
BugDB# Description
12940504 This patch corrects a Documaker Desktop issue in which the Application Definition File (BDF) was not being reloaded from the library when the Effective Date value on the Forms Selection screen was modified.
9250995 This patch corrects a Documaker Desktop problem in which expired forms, or forms that are not effective yet, are not being filtered from the import process, and are causing platform error messages to be displayed.
14774200 This patch corrects a Documaker Desktop archive retrieval issue in which a field may not display on all the pages of a multipage section.
9677726 This patch fixes possible issue of scrambled logo, when a document is retrieved from archive, stored in Oracle Database.
14217154 This patch addresses an issue where the AddForm DAL function would not honor the placement parameter and would always insert the new form before the targeted form even if instructed to insert after.
14839848 This patch adds the ForceTableOnlySelection option to the Control INI group to allow preventing manual editing of data in table only fields. This option was available in versions of WipEdit prior to Rel. 12.0.

Documaker Add-In for Microsoft Word

There are no specific product changes or BugDB items related to Documaker Add-In for Microsoft Word in this patch. (12.1 Patch 01)

BugDB# Description
This patch addresses an issue with 2D barcode fonts that would cause Documaker Studio to hang when converting the fonts. Problem was with the Oracle Sun JRE v1.6.0 pre-6u10 version (Java Bug #6626403- java classes_2d getFontMetrics hangs). Issue was addressed by updating Windows Sun JRE version to 1.6.0_32 (6u32) that is installed with the product.
This patch adds a reference to the DMRES_FLDB field database table to the default sample resources provided in the Documaker Enterprise installation.
This patch updates the uninstall screen to the display the major and minor version number rather than the full version number.
This patch removes unnecessary files from the Documaker AIX installation.

Documaker Core
BugDB# Description
13960646This patch corrects pagination issues that may occur when using the GroupBegin rule with subforms and overflowing headers.
When using the SetLocale transaction level rule to override the default language setting, fields mapped via the AnyToAny rule were generating a result using the default locale instead.
This patch prevents a crash when the Xerox print driver was incorrectly configured to use the MultiFilePrint option. Note – this option is not supported for Xerox output.
14071697This patch corrects an issue in which a subform header may remain isolated at the bottom of the previous page.
14071697This patch corrects a potential looping issue that can occur when using Group Pagination with a copy on overflow image embedded in the group.
13408609This patch updates the conversion tools to improve the fidelity of the Metacode to PDF conversion.
14114555This patch corrects and issue where the Form Description Lines did not carry forward the current form grouping when overflowing to a new page.
14170250This patch corrects an issue in which bar codes created using the "Code 128 Automatic Add-On" format were created incorrectly and could not be scanned.
14142673The patch addresses an issue in which a nested subform's footer may become orphaned.
14233253This patch corrects a problem in which bullets could be printed very large when running on z/OS.
The optional WIP Edit functionality (CSTUploadSyncFiles) that synchronizes files with a FTP location has been updated to account for time difference between the server and the local machine.
14238948This patch fixes a problem with the HTML print driver where Unicode text would occasionally not be output in its entirety or sometimes not be output at all.
14299371This patch correct a potential processing exception that can occur on zOS when running sub forms with flat file extract were the sub form triggers at least twice and the first occurrence of the sub form does not trigger any images.
14299371This patch corrects a potential looping condition that can occur when using sub form pagination options (sub form headers or footers, stay together or force page break) and the page includes a copy on overflow, non-background section with an absolute top position setting.
14338400This patch fixes a problem in which the text in the description field of an updated record gets blanked out when running LBYPROC and performing an UPDATE.
14141986This patch consolidates the detectable errors that occur during the sending of email by the SMM library to collect in the error file. To see any EPT debugging messages "Enable_Debug_Options = Yes" must be set in the "Debug_Switches" INI section as well as the individual EPT debug settings (EPT_Debug and EPT_Debug_Lvl2).
13371017This patch changes how duplex setting are applied to a paginated page when the second occurrence of a sub form with the "force page break" option cause pagination and the sub form has a duplex option of "Front Page" or "Back Page". When a page is split due to the force page break sub form option and the sub form is defined with a duplex option of Front Page or Back Page, the duplex option is applied to the page.
This patch corrects a problem that can occur when trying to build the CUSLIB and CSTLIB components of the Documaker SDK on Windows. On Unix/Linux platforms the problem is with CUSLIB only. This patch corrects that also.
14494886This patch fixes a problem that LBYPROC or LBYSYNC running on z/OS fails to promote a resource which has a newer modification date than the target resource.
14479623This patch fixes a problem in the PDF print driver where a very small slice of a pie chart would sometimes show as a large rectangular pattern instead of the patterned slice itself.
14545011This patch corrects a problem in which 0-byte print files were created, during single-step processing, for print batches that had been listed in the <ExcludeBatches> INI group.
This patch fixes a problem in LBYPROC when performing ADD with a specific resource name (non-wildcard) in the FILENAME VALUE of the script file. If nothing is specified for the NAME VALUE and TYPE VALUE in the script, the resource file is added to the library without a name and without a type.
When a form includes a multipage section and the option "Background section" is specified on that section, the resource file was not loading properly and blank pages were begin generated.
This patch improves processing performance of documents that that overflow to hundreds of pages and the overflow sections contain form-scope fields.
This fixes a problem where in-lined headers with text areas do not have the header contents when copied on overflow during pagination.
14685897This patch addresses possible issue with printing extra blank page, when using GroupPagination rule.
14692920This patch fixes a problem on big endian platforms (like z/OS) when printing text records that exceed maximum metacode record length.
15857511This patch corrects a potential section triggering issue that can occur with nested sub forms when the nested sub forms have the exact same internal (dummy) section name. This could happen if the nested sub form was created from the calling sub form.

Documaker Studio & Utilities
BugDB# Description
14544481This patch fixes a problem with LBYPROC which fails to add resources of type STY, PAR, PSL, TPL, and TLK into the library when performing ADD.
8381683This patch corrects a Documaker Workstation text area edit issue where the undo command would not undo tab entries.
13107909This patch restores the ability to align objects to the page top, bottom, left or right within the Section Manager.
This patch corrects a problem which caused the system to lose error information when Studio converted an XSD file into an XDD file and there was a problem with the input XSD.
14049305Japanese resource strings were added for the translated portion of "platform error" messages that were not working when the text contained Unicode text values.
This patch disables the ability to create the Workspace Definition file, via the Export Definition option for all tiers except development.
This patch corrects an issue that prevented the security options for a new user from being properly updated when the new user was not based on the default USER1 settings.
This patch fixes a problem that occurred in Studio when a reviewer rejects a submitted resource then a developer resolves the resource. The resource was only visible to the developer with the actions of edit and check out.
This patch eliminates an incorrect warning message that indicated all pages of a multipage section would be resized when attempting to resize a section after all pages but the first have been removed.
This patch fixes a problem that occurred in Studio when promoting a resource from the unit tier to a system tier. The resource was not visible to any user role in the system tier even though it is in the system library.
When importing fields from the XDD the Type, Format and Locale are now set properly.
14049842This patch removes an error message from the trace file when Studio uses LDAP authentication and the Documanage API dll (dmg_api.dll) is not present.
This patch adds support to generate viable RTF files with Word Add-In markup (XML) when the source document (or form or section) contained a graphic with a “/” in the description. Previously, the RTF could not be opened by the Word.Add-In.
This patch corrects an issue where a section may not display properly in Test Manager.
14081791This patch addresses an issue in which users have experienced a problem saving the View -> Options changes in Studio to the Windows registry.
The Form description option from the Forms Lists (group) manager was disallowing too many characters. The exclusion list is now backslash (\), semicolon (;), and vertical bar (|).
The script syntax display was showing DAL variables that start with the '#' character in the wrong color. This did not affect the overall execution of the script.
14378599Studio was not handling a specific Windows internal message correctly in a Windows 7 environment that could cause a program fault. The problem seems to have been linked to having another external application that did security monitoring of data entry fields.
This patch fixes an issue where a button was missing from the Convert XSD to XDD page.
This patch resolves the issue in which a numbered bullet list copied from Word previously pasted into a Documaker Studio section as plain text, but would not paste as a bulleted list.

Documaker Workstation
BugDB# Description
13863133This patch corrects a Documaker Workstation (PPS) issue in which retrieval of an archived transaction can fail when using a future Effective Date. The error message received was, "the LOG file named <xxxxx> was found in Library <yyyyy> but no version exists that is Effective for <YYYYMMDD>".
14217154This patch ensures that the AddForm DAL function honors the placement of the added form with respect to the referenced form.

Documaker Add-In for Microsoft Word
BugDB# Description
This patch preserves the “Allow” and “Presentation” values when adding a multi-line text field from the WDF into a Documaker Document in the Word Add-In.

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