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Documaker Add-In for Microsoft Word Tutorials
Below are links to self-paced tutorials that will teach you how to use the Documaker Add-In for Microsoft Word. Right-click a link to open a lesson in a new tab. Each lesson concludes with a short quiz to test your accomplishment of the lesson’s objectives. If necessary, repeat a lesson. Use the navigation buttons on each screen to advance through the lesson. You can also use the controls located at the bottom of the tutorial window. When a lesson finishes, close its tab.
What you will learn

To use the Add-In’s ribbon, task panes, and online help.

2 An Introduction to Documaker Resources To understand the eight types of Documaker resources, to understand local and workspace resources, and how to configure resource default settings.
3 Configuring the Documaker Add-In To use resources, documents, views, and other miscellaneous settings.

To manage WDF files, whether manually created or created via Docupresentment Web Services.


To create, edit, delete, and locate resources and elements in the Add-In.


To define a section, to create a paragraph list document, and to define paragraph elements.  Also includes demos of validating a Documaker document and converting it in Studio.


To create Documaker documents using various methodologies, and to learn about various Microsoft Word considerations.


To identify the different Documaker document types and know how they are used, to use the Documaker Properties dialog, and to know how Documaker handles section and form recipients.

9 Inserting and Defining Elements To insert fields, triggers, and graphics, and to define sections and paragraphs. Also, to replace or resize a graphic element.
10 Managing Elements and the Element Tree To identify and select elements, navigate out of an element, highlight Field elements, and use the Element Tree.

To validate your Documaker documents and then import them into Documaker Studio.

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