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System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Oracle Solaris Zones     Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers
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Part I Resource Management

1.  Introduction to Solaris 10 Resource Management

2.  Projects and Tasks (Overview)

3.  Administering Projects and Tasks

4.  Extended Accounting (Overview)

5.  Administering Extended Accounting (Tasks)

6.  Resource Controls (Overview)

7.  Administering Resource Controls (Tasks)

8.  Fair Share Scheduler (Overview)

9.  Administering the Fair Share Scheduler (Tasks)

10.  Physical Memory Control Using the Resource Capping Daemon (Overview)

11.  Administering the Resource Capping Daemon (Tasks)

12.  Resource Pools (Overview)

13.  Creating and Administering Resource Pools (Tasks)

14.  Resource Management Configuration Example

15.  Resource Control Functionality in the Solaris Management Console

Part II Zones

16.  Introduction to Solaris Zones

17.  Non-Global Zone Configuration (Overview)

18.  Planning and Configuring Non-Global Zones (Tasks)

19.  About Installing, Halting, Cloning, and Uninstalling Non-Global Zones (Overview)

20.  Installing, Booting, Halting, Uninstalling, and Cloning Non-Global Zones (Tasks)

21.  Non-Global Zone Login (Overview)

22.  Logging In to Non-Global Zones (Tasks)

23.  Moving and Migrating Non-Global Zones (Tasks)

24.  Oracle Solaris 10 9/10: Migrating a Physical Oracle Solaris System Into a Zone (Tasks)

25.  About Packages and Patches on an Oracle Solaris System With Zones Installed (Overview)

26.  Adding and Removing Packages and Patches on an Oracle Solaris System With Zones Installed (Tasks)

27.  Oracle Solaris Zones Administration (Overview)

28.  Oracle Solaris Zones Administration (Tasks)

29.  Upgrading an Oracle Solaris 10 System That Has Installed Non-Global Zones

30.  Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Oracle Solaris Zones Problems

Part III lx Branded Zones

31.  About Branded Zones and the Linux Branded Zone

32.  Planning the lx Branded Zone Configuration (Overview)

33.  Configuring the lx Branded Zone (Tasks)

34.  About Installing, Booting, Halting, Cloning, and Uninstalling lx Branded Zones (Overview)

35.  Installing, Booting, Halting, Uninstalling and Cloning lx Branded Zones (Tasks)

36.  Logging In to lx Branded Zones (Tasks)

37.  Moving and Migrating lx Branded Zones (Tasks)

38.  Administering and Running Applications in lx Branded Zones (Tasks)

























rcap.max-rss, index iconAttribute to Limit Physical Memory Usage for Projects
rcapadm, index iconrcapd Configuration
rcapd, index iconIntroduction to the Resource Capping Daemon
sample intervals, index iconDetermining Sample Intervals
scan intervals, index iconDetermining rcapd Scan Intervals
rcapd configuration, index iconrcapd Configuration
rcapstat, index iconMonitoring Resource Utilization With rcapstat
rctls, index iconResource Controls Concepts
See resource controls
ready a zone, index icon(Optional) How to Transition the Installed Zone to the Ready State
rebooting a branded zone, index iconRebooting a Branded Zone
rebooting a zone, index iconHow to Reboot a Zone
rebooting an lx branded zone, index iconHow to Reboot an lx Branded Zone
remote zone login, index iconRemote Login
removing resource pools, index iconHow to Remove a Pools Configuration
renaming a zone, index iconSolaris 10 8/07: How to Rename a Zone
resource cap, index iconIntroduction to the Resource Capping Daemon
resource capping
disabling, index iconHow to Disable Resource Capping
enabling, index iconHow to Enable Resource Capping
resource capping daemon, index iconIntroduction to the Resource Capping Daemon
resource controls
changing temporarily, index iconUpdating Resource Controls
configuring, index iconConfiguring Resource Controls and Attributes
definition, index iconResource Controls Concepts
global actions, index iconGlobal Actions on Resource Control Values
inf value, index iconResource Control Flags and Properties
interprocess communication, index iconInterprocess Communication and Resource Controls
list of, index iconAvailable Resource Controls
local actions
index iconLocal Actions on Resource Control Values
index iconGlossary
overview, index iconResource Controls Concepts
temporarily updating, index iconTemporarily Updating Resource Control Values on a Running System
threshold values
index iconGlobal and Local Actions on Resource Control Values
index iconLocal Actions on Resource Control Values
index iconGlossary
index iconSetting Zone-Wide Resource Controls
index iconResource Type Properties
index iconResource Type Properties in the lx Branded Zone
resource limits, index iconResource Limits and Resource Controls
resource management
constraints, index iconConstraint Mechanisms
definition, index iconResource Management Overview
partitioning, index iconPartitioning Mechanisms
scheduling, index iconScheduling Mechanisms
resource pools, index iconIntroduction to Resource Pools
activating configuration, index iconHow to Activate a Pools Configuration
administering, index iconCommands Used With the Resource Pools Facility
binding to, index iconSetting Pool Attributes and Binding to a Pool
configuration elements, index icon/etc/pooladm.conf Contents
creating, index iconCreating Pools Configurations
disabling, index iconEnabling and Disabling the Pools Facility
dynamic reconfiguration, index iconSPARC: Dynamic Reconfiguration Operations and Resource Pools
enabling, index iconEnabling and Disabling the Pools Facility
/etc/pooladm.conf, index iconResource Pools Framework
implementing, index iconImplementing Pools on a System
properties, index iconPools Properties
removing, index iconHow to Remove a Pools Configuration
removing configuration, index iconHow to Remove a Pools Configuration
static pools configuration, index iconResource Pools Framework
rlimits, See resource limits
running DTrace in a zone
index iconRunning DTrace in a Non-Global Zone
index iconUsing DTrace in a Non-Global Zone