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System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris 8 Containers     Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers
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1.  Introduction to Solaris 8 Containers

2.  Obtaining and Installing the Software

3.  Assessing a Solaris 8 System and Creating an Archive

4.  Configuring a solaris8 Zone

5.  Installing the solaris8 Zone

6.  Booting a Zone and Zone Migration

7.  About Zone Login and Post-Installation Configuration

8.  Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Solaris 8 Branded Zones Problems

Library Version Affecting Application Behavior

A.  solaris8(5) Man Page


Library Version Affecting Application Behavior

Solaris 8 branded zones use what is known as the alternate libthread library. This is the version of libthread that is delivered in /usr/lib/lwp on Solaris 8. This library has become the standard thread library on Solaris 10, but that was not the case for Solaris 8.

In general, the alternate libthread solves various threading issues that existed with the default library and the alternate is required by the underlying thread model provided by the Solaris 10 kernel. However, there are some subtle behavioral differences with this library, as compared to the default library, on earlier releases of Solaris 8.

If these differences cause an application to behave differently within a solaris8 branded zone, as compared to its behavior on native hardware, ensure that the zone has up-to-date patches for libthread. Install the latest version of patch 108827. Depending on the version of Solaris 8 installed in the zone, this might require additional patches be installed to fulfill all of the patch dependencies. Later releases, such as Solaris 8 2/04, already have a version of the alternate libthread that works well within a solaris8 branded zone.