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System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris 9 Containers     Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers
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1.  Introduction to Solaris 9 Containers

2.  Obtaining and Installing the Software

3.  Assessing a Solaris 9 System and Creating an Archive

4.  Configuring a Solaris9 Zone

Preconfiguration Tasks

solaris9 Branded Zone Configuration Process

Resources Included in the Configuration by Default

File Systems Defined in solaris9 Branded Zones

Privileges Defined in solaris9 Branded Zones

Configure the solaris9 Zone

How to Configure a solaris9 Branded Zone

5.  Installing the solaris9 Zone

6.  Booting a Zone and Zone Migration

7.  About Zone Login and Post-Installation Configuration

A.  solaris9(5) Man Page


solaris9 Branded Zone Configuration Process

The zonecfg command is used to do the following:

The check performed by the zonecfg verify command for a given configuration verifies the following:

For more information about the zonecfg command, see the zonecfg(1M) man page.