5.3. How to Increase the Number of X Server Ports

The default entry in /etc/security/tsol/tnzonecfg makes three displays available (6001-6003). Increase the number of available X server ports per requirements.

  1. Become root from ADMIN_LOW (global zone).

  2. Start the Solaris Management Console (SMC).

    # smc &
  3. Go to Management Tools.

  4. Select hostname:Scope=Files, Policy=TSOL option.

  5. Select System Configuration->Computers and Networks->Trusted Network Zones->global.

  6. From the menu bar, choose Action->Properties.

  7. Under Multilevel Ports for Zone's IP Addresses, select 6000-6003/tcp.

  8. Click Remove.

  9. Choose Add->Enable Specify A Port Range.

  10. Type 6000 in Begin Port Range Number and 6050 (for 50 displays) in End Port Range Number.

  11. Select TCP as the Protocol.

  12. Click OK.

  13. Reboot the Sun Ray server.

    # /usr/sbin/reboot