Sun Ray Connector for Citrix XenDesktop

Administration Guide, Version 1.1

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November 2012


This guide describes how to configure and use the Sun Ray Connector for Citrix XenDesktop.

Document generated on: 2012-11-05 (revision: 1496)

Table of Contents

1. Audience
2. Documentation Accessibility
3. Conventions
1. Overview and Requirements
1.1. Overview
1.2. Citrix XenDesktop Connector Requirements
1.3. Windows Virtual Desktop Requirements
1.4. Related Documentation
2. Installing
2.1. How to Install the Citrix XenDesktop Connector
2.2. How to Uninstall the Citrix XenDesktop Connector
3. Configuring the Citrix XenDesktop Environment
3.1. Enabling RDP Connections on the Virtual Desktops
3.2. Enabling Remote Access for Domain Users
3.3. Enabling RDP Access for Desktop Groups
3.4. Enabling RDP in the Citrix Web Interface Site
4. Configuring with Sun Ray Software
4.1. How to Configure the Citrix XenDesktop Connector with Sun Ray Software
4.1.1. Example Citrix XenDesktop Session Arguments for Sun Ray Software
4.1.2. Customizing the Citrix XenDesktop Connector Interface
4.1.3. Custom Service Menu
4.2. User Login Process with Sun Ray Software
5. Troubleshooting
5.1. Common Problems
A. Release Notes
A.1. What's New in Version 1.1
A.2. Changelog