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Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Installation Guide
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Document Information


1.  Planning the Geographic Edition Installation

2.  Installing Geographic Edition Software

Installation Overview

Installing Geographic Edition Software

How to Install Geographic Edition Software

Installing Patches

How to Prepare the Cluster for Patch Installation

How to Install Patches

3.  Enabling and Configuring the Geographic Edition Software

4.  Upgrading the Geographic Edition Software

5.  Uninstalling Geographic Edition 3.3 5/11 Software


Installing Geographic Edition Software

You must install Geographic Edition software on every node of each cluster in your geographically separated cluster by using the installer program or the pkgadd command.

How to Install Geographic Edition Software

This procedure explains how to install Geographic Edition software. Perform the procedure in the global zone for each node of a global cluster or zone cluster that you are configuring in a partnership.

Before You Begin

Before you begin to install software, make the following preparations:

  1. Become superuser in the global zone of the node where you intend to run the Geographic Edition software.

    Note - Geographic Edition software must be installed in the global zone for all nodes of each cluster in the partnership, whether the cluster is a global cluster or a zone cluster.

  2. Load the installation DVD-ROM into the DVD-ROM drive.

    If the volume management daemon vold(1M) is running and is configured to manage CD-ROM or DVD devices, the daemon automatically mounts the media on the /cdrom/cdrom0/ directory.

  3. Install the Geographic Edition software.
    1. To use the installer program with a GUI, ensure that the display environment of the cluster node to install is set to display the GUI.
      % xhost +
      % setenv DISPLAY nodename:0.0

      If the display environment is not set to display the GUI, the installer program instead displays in text-based mode.

    2. Change to the installation wizard directory of the DVD-ROM.
      • For the SPARC platform, type the following command:
        # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_sparc
      • For the x86 platform, type the following command:
        # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_x86
    3. Start the installer program.
      # ./installer

      The installer starts and displays the Welcome page. To exit the installer at any time, click Cancel. For more information about the installer program, see Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1 Installation Guide for UNIX.

    4. Follow instructions on the screens to read and accept the Software License Agreement.

      After you accept the license terms, the Choose Software Components menu is displayed.

    5. Select Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 3.3 5/11 and press Return.

      The Confirm Choices screen is displayed.

    6. Press Return to confirm your choice.

      The Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 3.3 5/11 submenu is displayed.

    7. Follow onscreen instructions to select the following products from the Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition submenu.
      • Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 3.3 5/11.

      • The data replication software that you want to use.

      • (Optional) Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager - Geographic Edition.

    8. When prompted, choose whether to install multilingual packages.

      Note - If you choose to install multilingual packages, ensure that all nodes of the cluster have the same default locale.

  4. Unload the installation DVD-ROM from the DVD-ROM drive.
  5. Repeat this procedure on each node of each partner cluster.

Next Steps

Install required patches. Go to Installing Patches.

Configure Geographic Edition software on the clusters. Go to Chapter 3, Enabling and Configuring the Geographic Edition Software.