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Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 3.3 5/11 Release Notes
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Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 3.3 5/11 Release Notes

New Features and Functionality

HA for Oracle with Oracle Data Guard Replication

Three-Data-Center (3DC) Configuration

ZFS Storage Pools

Accessibility Information

Supported Products

Data Replication

Oracle Solaris Cluster Software

Volume Management Software


Support for EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility Configurations

Oracle 9i

Commands Modified in This Release

Known Issues and Bugs

Depending on the Order in Which Zone Cluster Setup and Geographic Edition Software Installation Is Done, Some Files Might Not Get Copied to the Zone (6968002)

geo-failovercontrol Resource Fails to Start on Second Node if Connection Lost to Primary Node (6932775)

Required Patches

Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 3.3 5/11 Documentation

Documentation Addendum

Switchover Cannot Be Performed with Asynchronous SRDF (6389092)

Required Patches

This section provides information about patches for Geographic Edition configurations.

Note - You must be a registered My Oracle Support user to view and download the required patches for the Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition product. If you do not have a My Oracle Support account, contact your Oracle service representative or sales engineer, or register online at

If a cluster runs Sun Availability Suite software, you must have the following patches installed:

Check with an Oracle service representative for the availability of these patches.