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Oracle® Clinical Remote Data Capture Onsite Administrator's Guide
Release 4.6.2

Part Number E18823-01
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B Generating HTML DE and PDR Templates for Existing DCI Form Versions

To use HTML Data Entry and the graphic Patient Data Report (PDR), you must design graphic layouts for the CRFs. For information on creating layouts and enabling studies for data entry using DCI Forms, see Oracle Clinical Creating a Study.

If you have existing DCI Form Versions where the PDF form was generated, run the upgrade utility to generate BI Publisher Report Templates and HTML Data entry forms for the existing form versions.

You do not have to change your existing layouts. The Report templates and HTML DE forms look the same.

This appendix includes the following topics:


To enable image viewing on CRFs during data entry in RDC Onsite, you can choose either to set up a central repository or to copy images to all RDC Onsite installations. For information on enabling image viewing, see the Oracle Clinical Administrator's Guide.

B.1 Creating User Roles that Can Upgrade DCI Forms Only

By default, users with the role RXC_ADMIN, RXC_SUPER, or RXC_SUPER_NOGL can upgrade the DCI forms that RDC Onsite uses for HTML data entry and for the Patient Data Reports.

Note that the process you use to create the user roles that have access to the DCI Forms Upgrade utility is different from the process for creating the user roles for other administrative privileges. Therefore, you can identify user roles for upgrading DCI forms that are different from the roles for performing other administrative tasks.

To modify the set of roles that have privileges to upgrade DCI forms: 

  1. Log in to the Oracle Clinical database server.

  2. Navigate to the Oracle Clinical INSTALL directory.

  3. Open the opapb_level_privs_m1.sql file with a text editor.

  4. Find the dcif_upgrade_user function.

    • Add the roles that you want to have privileges to upgrade DCI Forms.

    • Delete any roles you do not want to have the ability to upgrade DCI Forms.

  5. Connect to SQL*Plus.

  6. Run the SQL script to process your changes:

    START opapb_level_privs_m1.sql


Oracle supports this modification, but you are responsible for re-applying any modification if a patch overrides the package.

B.2 Upgrading Existing DCI Form Versions for HTML DE and New PDRs

To generate HTML forms and PDR templates from existing DCI Form layouts: 

  1. Open your Web browser.

  2. Enter the URL for the upgrade utility.

  3. Log in to the upgrade utility using your Oracle Clinical user ID and password.

    The Generate PDR Templates and HTML DE Forms form lists all the DCI Form Definition Enabled studies that your user ID can access.

  4. Select a study by clicking a row. Make sure the entire row is highlighted in blue to indicate that the study has been selected. Although you can select multiple studies, Oracle recommends that you generate forms for only one study at a time.

  5. Click Generate.

    A job is initiated to generate an HTML Data Entry form and a BI Publisher report template for every DCI layout in the study for which a DCI Form Version has been generated previously. Note that this job does not run in the background and will take some time.

    The Generation Status field in the lower left of the form shows each DCI form version as it is being processed. On the same form, when the job completes, you can select View Log to see whether the application encountered any errors during the execution of the job.

B.3 Running the Upgrade Utility in Incremental Mode

By default, the Upgrade utility will always generate the HTML data entry forms and the PDR templates for all DCI Form Versions in the study that have PDF data entry forms generated.

There may be times when you have problems with the form or template generation. For example, perhaps some images used in the form layout are no longer in the correct location so the Upgrade utility does not generate a few of the DCI Form versions. For such cases, you can temporarily change the utility to run in incremental mode. In incremental mode, the Upgrade utility only creates the HTML data entry forms and the PDR templates if they do not already exist.

To configure the Upgrade utility to run in incremental mode: 

  1. Open Oracle Clinical.

  2. Navigate to Admin, Reference Codelists, and then select Local Codelists.

  3. Query for the OCL_STATE reference codelist.

    1. Enter OCL_STATE in the Name field.

    2. Press F8 to execute the query.

  4. Scroll down to the UPD_FV_INCREM short value.

  5. Set the long value to Y. Note that:

    • Y — Forces the Upgrade utility to run in incremental mode. In incremental mode, the utility will not regenerate HTML data entry forms and PDR templates for form versions that already exist.

    • N (default) — Forces the Upgrade utility to generate all form versions.

    This setting applies only to running the Upgrade utility for existing DCI Form versions.


Running the Upgrade utility in incremental mode is for resolving problems. Oracle recommends that you do not continue to run the utility in incremental mode. Be sure to change the UPD_FV_INCREM value back to N after you generate the forms you need.