5 Troubleshooting

This chapter provides solutions to problems you might encounter after you deploy the AS400 connector.

5.1 Troubleshooting

To get relevant information about the AS400 connector and the Identity Connector Framework (ICF), look for the "identityconnectors" and "as400" keywords in the Oracle Identity Manager server log.

Table 5-1 provides solutions to problems you might encounter with the AS400 connector.

Table 5-1 Troubleshooting for the AS400 Connector

Problem Solution

Provisioning did not succeed, and the user is in the "Provisioning" state.

Look for the error message under the "Show Resource History" button.

Double-check that the host, adminUser, and adminPassword are correct in your AS400 IT Resource.

Try to verify the correctness of these values by logging in to OS/400 system. From Windows use IBM iNavigator, or the tn5250 console from Unix.

A scheduled task fails.

Make sure the IT Resource parameter is defined on the scheduled task.

If a Filter is defined, check its correctness based on the rules as in Section 3.2.1, "Limited Reconciliation."

The update of an attribute failed.

You might see this message under "Show Resource History" button, when you click on the "Operation Rejected" entry.The update of an attribute can fail because:

You are unable to update the Supplemental Group attribute.

To populate the Supplemental Group attribute, first define a primary group (Group Profile).

Trusted reconciliation fails because some attributes are missing.

If an OS/400 account is created manually using the OS/400 Command Language (CRTUSRPRF command), a Directory Entry is not created for the account.

When trusted reconciliation is run, some attributes such as First Name, Last Name, and Login are required for a successful reconciliation. If any attributes are missing, the reconciliation fails.

Because the OS/400 account does not have an OS/400 Directory Entry, it does not have the required values. Therefore, the trusted reconciliation is unsuccessful.

Create an OS/400 Directory Entry for the user account using the OS/400 Command Language.

Or, use the Transformation feature and write custom Java code that will look up the attributes in the directory (for example, an LDAP directory) and fill-in the required attributes.

Trusted reconciliation fails because of a problem with matching rule.

Ensure that the value of the Configuration Lookup parameter of the IT resource is set to Lookup.Configuration.AS400.Trusted. See Table 2-4 for information about the Configuration Lookup IT resource parameter.