5 Known Issues and Limitations

This section discusses the following topics:

5.1 Known Issues

The following are known issues associated with this release of the connector:

  • Bug 15853409

    When you update one of the fields by performing an update provisioning operation, the bulk update task is initiated.

  • Bug 16033813

    Translations for the DATE SEPARATION CHARACTER and DECIMAL FORMAT CHARACTER fields are not available.

    As a work around, perform the following procedure:

    1. Run the Oracle Identity Manager Download Resource Bundle utility to download the JDEdwards_LOCALE.properties file from the database. This utility is copied into the following location when you install Oracle Identity Manager:


      Before you use this utility, verify that the WL_HOME environment variable is set to the directory in which Oracle WebLogic Server is installed.
      • For Microsoft Windows:


      • For UNIX:


      When you run the utility, you are prompted to enter the login credentials of the Oracle Identity Manager administrator, URL of the Oracle Identity Manager host computer, context factory value, type of resource bundle file being downloaded, and the location to which the resource bundle file is to be downloaded. Specify 2 (Connector Resource) as the value of the resource bundle file type.

      See Also:

      Dowload Resource Bundle Utility in Oracle Fusion Middleware Developing and Customizing Applications for Oracle Identity Manager
    2. In a text editor, open the JDEdwards_LOCALE.properties file.

    3. Search for and replace global.udf.UD_JDE_DATESEPARATIONCHARECTER with global.udf.UD_JDE_DATESEPARATIONCHARACTER.

    4. Search for and replace global.udf.UD_JDE_DECIMALFORMATCHARATER with global.udf.UD_JDE_DECIMALFORMATCHARACTER.

    5. Save and close the file.

    6. Verify that values for the DATE SEPARATION CHARACTER and DECIMAL FORMAT CHARACTER fields are translated.

  • Bug 16033928

    The connector does not support any operation with multibyte character sets.

  • Bug 16002973

    After upgrading the connector, the process form version for the following user accounts does not get updated by the FVC utility:

    User accounts that were reconciled by using the older version of the connector and were not modified directly on Oracle Identity Manager.

    In addition, the update provisioning operation on such reconciled user accounts fails.

    As a workaround, update the value of the <PROCESS_FORM_NAME>_UPDATE column in the Oracle Identity Manager database with the value of the <PROCESS_FORM_NAME>_CREATE column.

  • Bug 16049841

    The following issue is encountered if you are using Oracle Identity Manager 11g Release 2:

    An update provisioning operation on any of the fields of the child form (for example, Effective Date or Expiration Date) does not initiate the update process task. In addition, no error message is displayed.

5.2 Limitations

The following is a limitation associated with the target system:

Bug 15883381

When you clear the value of a lookup field on the process form, value from the corresponding lookup field on the target system is not cleared.