A Files and Directories on the Box Connector Installation Media

These are the components of the connector installation media that comprise the connector.

Table A-1 Files and Directories on the Box Connector Installation Media

File in the Installation Media Directory Description


This JAR is the ICF connector bundle.


This XML file contains configuration information that is used during connector installation.

Files in the resources directory

Each of these resource bundles contains language-specific information that is used by the connector. During connector installation, these resource bundles are copied to the Oracle Identity Manager database.

Note: A resource bundle is a file containing localized versions of the text strings that include GUI element labels and messages.


This XML file contains definitions for the following connector objects:

  • IT resource definition

  • Process forms

  • Process tasks and adapters

  • Lookup definitions

  • Resource objects

  • Process definition

  • Scheduled tasks

  • Reconciliation rules


This directory contains the box-update-accesstoken.jar and its dependent jars which are required to run the Box Update Access Token schedule job.