Class ARelatedTag

  extended by com.plumtree.portaluiinfrastructure.tags.metadata.ARelatedTag
Direct Known Subclasses:
RelatedChildTag, RequiredChildTag, RequiredParentTag

public abstract class ARelatedTag
extends java.lang.Object

This base class provides programmatic access to the tag meta data for required and related parent and child tags.

Adding public static final member variables of the various ARelatedTag classes turns on validation that a tag is being used in the correct context, as well as providing useful documentation information.

Field Summary
protected  ITagMetaData m_TagData
Constructor Summary
ARelatedTag(ITagMetaData _TagData)
          Creates a new related tag meta data object.
Method Summary
 ITagMetaData GetTagData()
          Gets the data about the related tag.
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Field Detail


protected ITagMetaData m_TagData
Constructor Detail


public ARelatedTag(ITagMetaData _TagData)
Creates a new related tag meta data object.

_TagData - The parent tag data
Method Detail


public ITagMetaData GetTagData()
Gets the data about the related tag.

ITagMetaData The related tag data

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