This graphic shows how the Oracle WebCenter Analytics components described in the next section make up the Oracle WebCenter Analytics architecture. The two central components of the Oracle WebCenter Analytics architecture are the Analytics Console and the Collector Service Cluster. The Analytics Console component includes the BEA AL Analytics Service and ALUI Security. The BEA AL Analytics Service communicates with the Oracle WebCenter Analytics Query API (an external application) using SOAP/HTTP, with the Portal Server using HTTP, and with the Oracle WebCenter Analytics Database using JDBC. ALUI Security communicates with the ALUI Security Database using JDBC and with the ALUI Directory using TCP. The ALUI Directory communicates with the ALUI Directory Database, part of the Oracle WebCenter Interaction Database, through JDBC. The Collector Service Cluster component is a cluster of servers, each running the BEA AL Analytics Collector Service. The Collector Services communicate with the Oracle WebCenter Analytics Database using JDBC. They also get information from OpenUsage API (running on the Interaction Analytics component of the Portal Server or as an external application) using UDP.