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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebCenter Interaction
10g Release 4 ( for Unix and Linux

Part Number E14548-04
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5 Postinstallation Tasks

This chapter describes the tasks you must complete after you install and start Oracle WebCenter Interaction:

  1. Starting the Oracle WebCenter Interaction Daemons

  2. Running the Diagnostics Script

  3. Starting the Portal

  4. Importing Migration Packages

If you installed optional components, you might also must perform additional postinstallation as described in the following appendixes

Starting the Oracle WebCenter Interaction Daemons

This section describes how to start the daemons associated with Oracle WebCenter Interaction components and the order in which they must be started. Depending on which components you installed, some daemons might not be applicable to your portal installation.

  1. Start the Search daemon by executing install_dir/ptsearchserver/10.3.3/bin/ start.

  2. Start the Search Cluster Manager daemon by executing install_dir/ptsearchserver/10.3.3/adminui/bin/ start.

  3. Start the API daemon by executing install_dir/ptws/10.3.3/bin/ start.

  4. Start the LDAP Directory daemon by executing install_dir/aluidirectory/1.1/bin/ start.

  5. Start the Automation daemon by executing install_dir/ptportal/10.3.3/bin/ start.

  6. Start the Notification daemon by executing install_dir/cns/1.1/bin/ start.

  7. Start the Document Repository daemon by executing install_dir/ptdr/10.3.3/bin/ start.

  8. Start the Console Logger daemon by executing install_dir/ptlogging/10.3.3/bin/ start.

  9. Start the Configuration Manager daemon by executing install_dir/configmgr/2.1/bin/ start.

  10. Start the Content Upload daemon by executing install_dir/ptupload/10.3.3/bin/ start.

  11. Start the Tagging Engine daemon by executing install_dir/pathways/10.3.3/bin/ start.

  12. Start the Search Service daemon by executing install_dir/searchservice/1.2/bin/ start.

  13. Start the Remote Portlet daemon by executing install_dir/remoteps/1.1/bin/ start.

  14. Start the Content Service for Documentum by executing install_dir/dctmcws/10.3.3/bin/ start.

  15. Start the Content Service for UCM daemon by executing install_dir/ptucmcws/10.3.3/bin/ start.

  16. Start the Identity Service for LDAP daemon by executing install_dir/ptldapaws/10.3.3/bin/ start.

Running the Diagnostics Script

This section describes how to use the diagnostics script to determine the health of your Oracle WebCenter Interaction installation before running the portal for the first time.

before running the diagnostics script, you must completely configure Oracle WebCenter Interaction using the Configuration Manager. You must also create and configure the portal database.

Run the diagnostics script before starting your portal for the first time. It tests basic portal startup functionality. If there are issues with your Oracle WebCenter Interaction installation, the diagnostics script generates a list of warnings and recommendations about how to correct the issues. Run the script, follow the recommendations, and correct any issues before starting your portal for the first time.


If the diagnostics script fails, run install_dir/ptportal/10.3.3/bin/ and review any issues it discovers.

Starting the Portal

This section describes how to start the Oracle WebCenter Interaction portal for the first time.

To start the portal:

  1. Start the portal by browsing to the application at the external portal URL you provided the Oracle WebCenter Interaction installer.

    For example,

  2. Log in to the portal as Administrator with no password.


You should change the default Administrator password as soon as possible. Ensure that you document the change and inform the appropriate portal administrators.

Importing Migration Packages

This section provides an overview of how to import the Oracle WebCenter Interaction component migration packages. Depending on which components you installed, some packages might not be applicable to your portal installation.

Use the Migration - Import Utility (click Administration, then Select Utility, then Migration - Import) to import the migration packages.

If necessary, adjust any import settings. For details on using the Migration - Import utility, see the online help or Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle WebCenter Interaction.

Import the migration packages relevant to your installation: