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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebCenter Interaction
10g Release 4 ( for Windows

Part Number E14549-06
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I Completing Installation of Oracle WebCenter JSR-168 Container

If you installed Oracle WebCenter JSR-168 Container, perform the following tasks to complete the installation:

Configure Remote Server

Add the path to Oracle WebCenter JSR-168 Container PT_HOME:

  1. Navigate to the directory referenced by PT_HOME and open pthome.xml in a text editor.

  2. Add the following code within the pthome element (between <pthome> and </pthome>).


    The <path> and <configpath> elements must reflect the fully qualified path to the ptjsr168 directories. slashes must be used regardless of operating system.

    <product name="ptjsr168">
    <install version="10.3.3">

Install the Oracle WebCenter JSR-168 Container Samples

To install the Oracle WebCenter JSR-168 Container samples:

  1. Deploy the ali168Samples.war file from the install_dir\ptjsr168\10.3.3\samples directory using the method appropriate for your application server.

  2. Migrate the jsr-168.pte server package using the method appropriate for the version of Oracle WebCenter Interaction installed. For details on importing server packages, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle WebCenter Interaction.

    The Oracle WebCenter JSR-168 Container server package is install_dir\ptjsr168\10.3.3\serverpackages\jsr-168.pte.

After the resource package is imported, a JSR-168 folder will appear in portal administration that includes the JSR-168 Remote Server, two Web Services (RSSPortletWebService and JspPortletWebService), and two portlets (RSSPortlet and JspPortlet). These portlets do not require any configuration.


Before placing the portlets on a page, edit the JSR-168 Remote Server object and change the Remote Server URL to the correct address of the host computer.


The sample RSSportlet contains an admin preference page that enables you to save your proxy server settings. You must configure your application server to work with a proxy server setting. Follow the documentation for your application server to configure the proxy server setting.