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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebCenter Interaction
10g Release 4 ( for Windows

Part Number E14549-06
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A Completing Installation of the Tagging Engine

If you installed the Tagging Engine, perform the following tasks to complete the installation:

Seeding the ALUI Security Database with Tagging Engine Data

This section describes how to trigger the Tagging Engine to seed the ALUI Security database with Tagging Engine delivered capabilities and default roles.

To seed the database:

  1. Log in to the portal as a portal administrator.

  2. Click Administration.

  3. From the Select Utility menu, choose Tagging Engine Administration.

    Accessing the Tagging Engine Administration page will automatically seed the ALUI Security database

Configuring the Tag Me Portlet

This section describes how to configure the Tag Me portlet to work with the Tagging Engine.

To configure the Tag Me portlet:

  1. Log in to the portal as a portal administrator.

  2. Click Administration.

  3. Open the Portal Resources folder, expand the Web Services section, then open the Tag Me Web Service.

  4. On the left, click the HTTP Configuration.

  5. Under Gateway URL Prefixes, replace the Tagging Engine remote server location with the correct URL (for example, http://TaggingEngine/.

  6. Click Finish.

  7. Open the Configuration Manager.

  8. Confirm that Tagging Engine Integration is enabled.

    Click Portal Service, then Service Settings, then Tagging Engine Integration Settings. Confirm that enabled is selected.


This section provides information on troubleshooting the installation and configuration process. It includes the following topics:

Overview of Tagging Engine Logs

This section provides the descriptions and locations of logs that you can use to troubleshoot the Tagging Engine installation and configuration. Individual log files are generated for each day's activity. The logs are stored in install_dir\installlogs.

Table A-1 Tagging Engine Installation Logs

Log Description


Provides activity and error details for the installation of the main Tagging Engine UI files


Provides activity and error details for the installation of the files required for integrating the Tagging Engine with the Oracle WebCenter Interaction search

When to Use the Logging Utilities

When the Tagging Engine portlets or the Tagging Engine Administration UI display either an error or the Tagging Engine diagnostic checks, the Tagging Engine or one or more of its required services may not be configured correctly. Use the Logging Utilities to help identify the specific issue by enabling the Tagging Engine and the required services as message senders within Logging Spy.For more information about the Logging Utilities, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle WebCenter Interaction.