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SPARC T4-2 Server

Product Notes

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1.  Late-Breaking Information

Preinstalled Software

Supported Versions of Oracle Solaris OS, Firmware, and Software

OS Package and Patch Updates

Determining Oracle Solaris 11 OS Package Update Version

Determining Oracle Solaris 10 Patch Revision

Minimum Required Patchset for Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 OS

Minimum Required Patchsets and SPARC Bundle for Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 OS

Minimum Required Patchsets and SPARC Bundle for Oracle Solaris 10 10/09 OS

Installing and Booting Oracle Solaris 11 From Devices Connected to a USB Port

Support for New 16 Gbyte and 32 Gbyte DIMMs

Rules for I/O Slot Use by Certain Cards

2.  Known Product Issues

Hardware Issues

Maximizing Memory Bandwidth

Direct I/O Support

Installing the Sun Storage 8-Port Internal 6 Gb SAS PCIe HBA in a Split Configuration

Use Links Labeled SPARC T3 to Download sas2ircu Software for SPARC T4 Servers

Sun Type 6 Keyboards Are Not Supported by SPARC T4 Series Servers

RAID10 is Not Supported; Use RAID 1E Instead

Server Panics When Booting From a USB Thumbdrive Attached to the Front USB Ports (Bug ID 15667682)

Cannot Plumb Sun Quad GbE x8 PCIe Low Profile Adapter in PCIe Slot 0 When More Than Five Are Installed (Bug ID 15676454)

Front-Panel Video Port Does Not Support Resolutions Greater Than 1024 x 768 (Bug ID 15698604)

PSH Might Not Clear a Retired Cache Line on a Replaced Motherboard (Bug ID 15705327, Bug ID 15713018)

Restrictions on Placement of HBAs in Slot 4 and Slot 5 (Bug ID 15717157)

PCIe Correctable Errors Might Be Reported (Bug ID 15720000, Bug ID 15722832)

L2 Cache Uncorrectable Errors Might Lead to an Entire Processor Being Faulted (Bug ID 15727651, Bug ID 15732875, Bug ID 15732876, Bug ID 15733117)

L2 Cache UEs Are Sometimes Reported as Core Faults Without Any Cache Line Retirements (Bug ID 15731176)

Upon a Reboot After an Unrecoverable Hardware Error, CPUs Might Not Start (Bug ID 15733431)

Spurious Power Supply Errors Might Be Reported (Bug ID 15800916)

Oracle Solaris OS Issues

Custom nvalias Settings Do Not Change During a System Reconfiguration

Cannot Boot Oracle Solaris 10 10/09 OS From the Internal DVD

The cfgadm -al Command Takes a Long Time to Print Output (Bug ID 15631390, Bug ID 15723609)

Spurious Interrupt Message in System Console (Bug ID 15651697, Bug ID 15771956, Bug ID 15771958)

Spurious Error Message During Initial Oracle Solaris 10 OS Installation (Bug ID 15658412)

When diag-switch? Is Set to true, Oracle Solaris OS Fails to Update EEPROM for Automatic Rebooting (Bug ID 15666767)

Memory Allocation Issues With Emulex 8Gb HBAs in a Magma I/O Expansion Box (Bug ID 15666779)

Fault Management Sometimes Sends Resolved Cases to the SP (Bug ID 15667874, Bug ID 15741999)

Gigabit Ethernet (nxge) Driver Not Loading on Systems With Oracle Solaris 10 10/09 OS and a Solaris 10 9/10 Patchset or Solaris 10 8/11 Patchset (Bug ID 15677751)

nxge Driver Warning Messages Displayed After Reboot (Bug ID 15710067, Bug ID 15777789, Bug  ID 15777790)

The trapstat -T Command Causes Bad Watchdog Resets at TL2 (Bug ID 15720390)

Watchdog Timeouts Seen With Heavy Workloads and Maximum Memory Configurations (Bug ID 15737671, Bug ID 15744469, Bug ID 15771943)

Benign Error Message: mptsas request inquiry page 0x83 for target:a, lun:0 failed! (Bug ID 15809005)

Oracle VTS dtlbtest Hangs When the CPU Threading Mode Is Set to max-ipc (Bug ID 15743740, Bug ID 15744945)

Some pciex8086,105f Devices Fail to Attach (Bug ID 15774699)

L2 Cache Uncorrectable Errors Causing a Reboot Abort (Bug ID 15826320)

Firmware Issues

Performing First-Time Boot On Servers Equipped With the Sun Storage 6 Gb SAS PCIe 8-Port Internal RAID HBA

Missing Interrupt Causes USB Hub Hot-plug Thread to Hang, Resulting In Process Hangs (Bug ID 15655752)

Units Used to Define the MIB Power Management Time Limit Are Reported in Seconds (Bug ID 15675720)

Message From cpustat Refers to Processor Documentation Incorrectly (Bug ID 15717099, Bug ID 15717100, Bug ID 15749141)

reboot disk Command Occasionally Fails When disk Argument Picks Up Extra Characters (Bug ID 15816272)

Blue LED On Drive Does Not Light When the Drive Is Ready to Remove (Bug ID 15737491)

Cold Reset Adds One Day to System Time (CR 15764743, Bug ID 15765255, Bug ID 15765770)

System Shuts Down Following a false SYS_POK_GLITCH Error (Bug ID 15774378)

In Some Instances, a PCIe Card Might Disappear From the Device Tree Upon Reboot or During Power-On (Bug ID 15849720)

System Firmware 8.2.0 Contains a New Version of the scvar Database (Bug ID 16184046)

System Firmware 8.3.0.b Incompatible with the Sun Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe Card (Bug ID 16813726)

Chapter 1

Late-Breaking Information

These product notes contain important and late-breaking information about Oracle's SPARC T4-2 server.