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Oracle® Traffic Director Administrator's Guide
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E21036-04
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4.1 Creating a Configuration

You can create configurations by using either the administration console or the CLI.


The CLI examples in this section are shown in shell mode (tadm>). For information about invoking the CLI shell, see Section 2.3.1, "Accessing the Command-Line Interface."

Before You Begin

Before you begin creating a configuration, decide the following:

Creating a Configuration Using the Administration Console

To create a configuration by using the administration console, do the following tasks:

  1. Log in to the administration console, as described in Section 2.3.2, "Accessing the Administration Console."

  2. In the Common Tasks pane, click New Configuration.

    The New Configuration wizard starts.

    Figure 4-1 New Configuration Wizard

    Description of Figure 4-1 follows
    Description of "Figure 4-1 New Configuration Wizard"

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete creation of the configuration by using the details—listener port, origin-server addresses, and so on—that you decided earlier.

    After the configuration is created, the Results screen of the New Configuration wizard displays a message confirming successful creation of the configuration. If you chose to create instances of the configuration, then a message confirming successful creation of the instances is also displayed.

  4. Click Close on the Results screen.

    In the New Configuration wizard, if you chose not to create an instance of the configuration, the message Undeployed Configuration is displayed, indicating that the configuration that you just created is yet to be deployed.

Creating a Configuration Using the CLI

To create a configuration, run the create-config command.

For example, the following command creates a configuration named with the virtual server and port and two origin servers, and

tadm> create-config --listener-port=1905,

For more information about create-config, see the Oracle Traffic Director Command-Line Reference or run the command with the --help option.