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Oracle® Traffic Director Administrator's Guide
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E21036-04
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A.10 DNS Cache Metrics

This section lists the DNS cache lookup metrics that Oracle Traffic Director tracks. For each metric, the element and attribute in the stats-xml report are provided.

Table A-10 DNS Cache Metrics

Metric stats-xml Element: Attribute

Total number of entries in the cache

dns-bucket: countCacheEntries

Total number of times a cache lookup succeeded

dns-bucket: countCacheHits

Total number of times a cache lookup failed

dns-bucket: countCacheMisses

Number of asynchronous lookups

dns-bucket: countAsyncNameLookups

Total number of asynchronous DNS address lookups performed

dns-bucket: countAsyncAddrLookups

Number of asynchronous DNS lookups currently in progress

dns-bucket: countAsyncLookupsInProgress