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Oracle® Traffic Director Command-Line Reference
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E21037-03
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tadm set-token-prop common_options --config=config_name --token=name ([--set-password] | (property_name=property_value)*)


Use this command to enable or disable the SSL tokens for the server. You can also use this command to save the token pin in the server.xml file, which will facilitate unsupervised server startup.


For information about common_options, run the help command.


Specify the name of the configuration to set the token properties.


Specify the name of the PKCS #11 token that contains the certificates.


If you specify this option, it can only be saved in server.xml file if there is already a (Personal Identification Number) PIN set on the token.

To reset a property to its default value, do not provide a property value.
For example, property-name=<empty_string>



Specify name=value pairs for one or more properties that you want to define. The name=value pairs should be separated by spaces.

You can set the following token property:

enabled: Specifies whether the server initializes this token, prompting for a personal identification number (PIN) if necessary.
Values: true, false. Default: true.


tadm set-token-prop --user=admin --password-file=../admin.pwd --port=8989 --token=internal  enabled=true

Exit Codes

The following exit values are returned:

0: command executed successfully

>0: error in executing the command

For more information about exit codes and syntax notations, run the help command.

See Also

help, get-pkcs11-prop, set-pkcs11-prop, list-tokens, set-token-pin