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SPARC and Netra SPARC T4 Series Servers

Security Guide

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SPARC and Netra SPARC T4 Series Servers Security

Understanding Security Principles

Planning a Secure Environment

Maintaining a Secure Environment


Planning a Secure Environment

Use the following notes before and during the installation and configuration of a server and related equipment.

Hardware Security

Physical hardware can be secured fairly simply: limit access to the hardware and record serial numbers.

Software Security

Most hardware security is implemented through software measures.

The Oracle Solaris Security Guidelines document provides information on:

Oracle Solaris Security Guidelines documents can be found at:

Firmware Security

Ordinary user accounts cannot edit the OpenBoot PROM (OBP) or other Oracle firmware. The Oracle Solaris Operating System uses a controlled firmware update process to prevent unauthorized firmware modifications. Only the superuser can use the update process.

For information for setting OBP security variables, refer to the OpenBoot 4.x Command Reference Manual at:

Oracle ILOM Firmware

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (Oracle ILOM) is system management firmware that is preinstalled on some SPARC and Netra SPARC servers. Oracle ILOM enables you to actively manage and monitor components installed in your system. The way you use Oracle ILOM affects the security of your system.To understand more about using this firmware when setting up passwords, managing users, and applying security-related features, including Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and RADIUS authentication, refer to Oracle ILOM documentation: