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Oracle® Communications Service Broker Installation Guide
Release 6.0

Part Number E23522-02
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6 Next Steps

This chapter provides a quick-step guide for the steps that you need to perform after successfully setting up an Oracle Communications Service Broker deployment.

Next Steps Overview

After completing all procedures in this document, the initial configuration of the deployment is complete. You can now configure the functional and operating behavior of the Service Broker implementation, along with additional features and advanced Service Broker topologies.

The following are the general steps that you perform after installing Service Broker:

Starting the SS7 Process

If your deployment requires connectivity to an SS7 network, then you need to start the SS7 process on the signaling servers.

After you added a signaling server to a domain, you can start the SS7 process on this server. If a domain contains several servers, you need to start the SS7 process on each server individually.

See the discussion about starting the SS7 process in Oracle Communications Service Broker System Administrator's Guide for more information.

Performing Additional Setup Tasks for Particular Service Broker Products

You may need to perform additional setup tasks required for your particular Service Broker product implementation. For example, for VPN and Social Voice Communicator implementations, you need to set up custom attribute-value pair (AVP) definitions used for charging purposes.

See the Service Broker implementation guide applicable to your system for specific setup steps.

When you deploy and configure components in the signaling tier and processing tier as required for the sub-product that you installed and for your specific solution, use Oracle Communications Service Broker Signaling Domain Configuration Guide for information about configuring SSUs, and Oracle Communications Service Broker Processing Domain Configuration Guide for information about deploying and configuring IMs, SMs, and the OE.

Completing Security Configuration for the System

It is recommended that you complete the security configuration for the system, for example, by importing the security certificates that allow secure communications with remote telecommunication network.

See the discussion on configuring security in Oracle Communications Service Broker System Administrator's Guide.

Configuring SNMP

Configure SNMP settings for sending SNMP traps to external management systems.

See SNMP and other monitoring information in Oracle Communications Service Broker System Administrator's Guide.