Graphic avusr007.png describes the audit data warehouse structure.

The AUDIT_EVENT_FACT is the center of this star-shaped configuration. From there, spokes go out to these attributes or dimension tables: CLIENT_HOST_DIM, CLIENT_TOOL_DIM, USER_DIM, TARGET_DIM, EVENT_DIM, TIME_DIM, CONTEXT_DIM, SOURCE_DIM, and PRIVILEGES_DIM. The Before and After values are derived from the AUDIT_EVENT_FACT table, based on based on the results of running the PL/SQL function AV$DW_BEFORE_AFTER.DATA_TRACE_ROWS.

Included in some of these are the names of dimension tables that reference the attribute. For example, the ENDUSER_DIM, OSUSER_DIM, and GRANTEE_USER_DIM dimension tables reference the USER_DIM dimension table. The ASSOC_TARGET_DIM and NEW_TARGET_DIM dimension tables reference the TARGET_DIM dimension table. The AV_TIME_DIM dimension table references the TIME_DIM dimension table. The SYSPRIVILEGES_DIM and OBJPRIVILEGES_DIM dimension tables reference the PRIVILEGES_DIM dimension table