3.3. Changing the Keyboard Language

To change the language for the on-screen keyboard, do the following:

  1. Set the primary keyboard country for Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.

    This is the keyboard country code sent to the remote server.

    Tap the Settings icon and go to the Virtual Desktop page.

    Tap Primary Keyboard Country and select from the list of supported languages.

    Figure 3.4. Setting the Primary Keyboard Country

    Screen Capture of Primary Keyboard Country Settings Page

  2. Check that the language you select for the primary keyboard country is also present in the list of supported keyboards on the General, International, Keyboards page in iPad Settings.

    If the language is not present in this list, add the language.

  3. Switch keyboard languages when you are using the on-screen keyboard.

    Tap the Globe key and select the language that matches your primary keyboard country.

    When you switch to another language using the Globe key, the language you select must be the same as your primary keyboard country setting.