4.4. What If I Am Unable to Connect to a Sun Ray Server?

Sun Ray Software uses an on-screen display (OSD) to show the status of a connection. The OSD can be used to diagnose problems with a connection. For example, the following OSD icon indicates that the Sun Ray Software has not been enabled for access using Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.

Figure 4.1. Access Not Enabled OSD Icon

Screen Capture of On Screen Display Icon for Access Not Enabled

If you are unable to connect to the Sun Ray server and this icon is displayed, contact your administrator.

Your firewall configuration might prevent you from connecting to the Sun Ray server. Check that the firewall settings on your network allow you to use Oracle Virtual Desktop Client to access the Internet.

If the connection to the Sun Ray server fails, a warning screen is shown. When you tap OK at this screen, the side bar is redisplayed. You can then select an alternative Sun Ray server.