3.2. iPad Configuration Settings

After you install Oracle Virtual Desktop Client, the iPad Settings app includes a section called Virtual Desktop. You use the Virtual Desktop page to configure settings for Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.

To display the Virtual Desktop page, tap the Settings icon on the Home page and select the Virtual Desktop option in the Apps section.

Figure 3.2. Settings for the Virtual Desktop Page

Screen Capture of Settings on the Virtual Desktop page.

The available settings on this page are described in Table 3.1, “Settings on the Virtual Desktop Page”.

Table 3.1. Settings on the Virtual Desktop Page



Side Bar Button

Displays an icon that you can use to show the side bar.

The default setting is OFF.

See Section 4.7, “How Do I Display the Side Bar?” for more details about using the side bar button.

Primary Keyboard Country

Changes the language used for the on-screen keyboard.

See Section 2.5.2, “Changing the Keyboard Language” for more details about changing the keyboard language.

Keyboard Button

Displays an icon that you can use to show or hide the on-screen keyboard.

The default setting is ON.

See Section 2.5, “Using the On-Screen Keyboard” for more details about using the keyboard button.

Dynamic Resize

Resizes the session automatically when you rotate the tablet screen. This feature is called dynamic session resizing.

The default setting is ON.

To use dynamic session resizing, the feature must be enabled on the server. See Section 4.12, “What Happens If I Rotate My Tablet Display During a Session?”.

Session Size

Configures the size of the session sent from the server. For the best user experience with large desktop sessions, you can choose a larger session size.

To ensure that that the session size works well on your iPad, resolutions for some common portrait and landscape tablet displays are available.

See Section 4.13, “Improving the User Experience for a Large Desktop Session”.


Maximum bandwidth for the connection, in megabits per second.

The default setting is 100 megabits per second, which is the maximum value.

Decrease this setting if you are using a low bandwidth connection, or if you want to restrict the amount of server bandwidth used by Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.

Maximum Transmission Unit

The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is the maximum packet size for network connections, in bytes.

The default setting is 1500 bytes, which is the maximum setting.

If you are experiencing problems when using a VPN, you might want to change this value. See Section 4.3, “Can I Connect Over a Virtual Private Network?”.