4.10. Can I Copy and Paste From Applications Running in a Remote Session?

You can copy and paste text between applications running on a virtual desktop and applications running on your iPad.

For example, you might be using a text editor application in a Sun Ray desktop session. You can copy text from this application and paste it into an application running on your iPad. Alternatively, you can copy text from an application running on your iPad and paste it into a text editor application running in your Sun Ray desktop session.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client supports the copy and paste of Unicode characters.


To copy and paste, the clipboard service must be enabled on the server. This is done by enabling the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client Clipboard option in the Sun Ray Software Admin GUI, as described in the Sun Ray Software Administration Guide.

To use the clipboard service in a Sun Ray or Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure session, the remote server must be running at least Sun Ray Software version 5.3. This version of Sun Ray Software is supplied with Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure version 3.4.

Clipboard sharing is configured for Oracle Virtual Desktop Client by default. Note that clipboard sharing is not available if the clipboard service is not enabled on the server.