2.4. Using Gestures in a Session

A gesture is a finger motion that is used to interact with the iPad touch screen. The following table shows the supported gestures when you are working in a session.

Table 2.1. Supported Gestures in a Session



Tap with one finger

Left mouse-button click

Tap with two fingers

Right mouse-button click

Drag upwards with three fingers [a]

Display the on-screen keyboard

Touch and hold, then drag

Left mouse-button click + drag

Pinch fingers together

Zoom out

Pinch fingers apart (unpinch)

Zoom in

Drag with one finger

Pan across the screen. Only available when zoomed in.

Drag from the left side of the screen with three fingers [b]

Display the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client side bar

Drag downwards or upwards with two fingers

Simulates scrolling using the middle scroll wheel on a mouse

Drag down with three fingers

Display the Sun Ray Windows connector (uttsc) toolbar

[a] Tap with three fingers also displays the keyboard.

[b] Drag from the left side of the screen using two fingers also displays the side bar.

To view help information on supported gestures, tap the Gestures link on the connect screen, or on the side bar.