3.1. Configuring the Servers List

The servers list contains a list of servers that you have previously connected to. See Figure 2.3, “Servers List, Showing Previous Server Connections”.

To display the servers list, tap the  Previous Icon  button on the connect screen.

The list of servers is automatically populated as you use Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.

If the list contains incorrect or outdated host names, you can remove servers from the list. See Section 3.1.1, “Removing a Server”.

3.1.1. Removing a Server

  1. Tap the Edit button on the server list.

  2. Tap the Delete icon Delete icon to the left of the server that you wish to remove.

    The Delete icon rotates and a Delete button appears next to the server name. See Figure 3.1, “Delete Server Screen”.

    Figure 3.1. Delete Server Screen

    Screen Capture Showing the Delete Server Screen Icons and Buttons

  3. Tap the Delete button.

    The server is removed from the server list.

  4. Save the changes you have made.

    Tap the Done button.