3.1. Known Issues For This Release

This section describes the known issues for this release of Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad.

3.1.1. Using utswitch When the Sun Ray Server is Unavailable (Bug ID 15837302)

Problem: If you use the utswitch command to redirect a Sun Ray session to a Sun Ray server which is unavailable, the behavior is not the same as when you are using a Sun Ray Client.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client displays a Failed to Find Server error dialog. Closing this dialog closes down the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client session.

A Sun Ray server might be unavailable if there is a connection problem, or if Sun Ray services are not running on the server.

Solution: This is a known difference between how Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad and Sun Ray Clients work when attempting to redirect to an unavailable server.

3.1.2. Non-Working Keys on the On-Screen Keyboard

Problem: Some of the keys on the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client on-screen keyboard may have no effect when you are working in a session.

The issue is seen when the iPad key does not have a corresponding entry in the keyboard map used by the server. iPad keys that do not exist on a physical keyboard may not work correctly.

Solution: No known solution. Using an external keyboard may enable you to input one or more of the non-working keys.