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Oracle Solaris Cluster Upgrade Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0
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1.  Preparing to Upgrade Oracle Solaris Cluster Software

Upgrade Requirements and Software Support Guidelines

Choosing an Oracle Solaris Cluster Upgrade Method

Standard Upgrade

Rolling Upgrade

2.  Upgrading Zones Managed by HA for Oracle Solaris Zones

3.  Performing a Standard Upgrade

4.  Performing a Rolling Upgrade

5.  Completing the Upgrade

6.  Recovering From an Incomplete Upgrade


Chapter 1

Preparing to Upgrade Oracle Solaris Cluster Software

This chapter provides the following information and procedures to prepare to upgrade or update the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 software:

An upgrade moves the cluster to the latest major or minor Oracle Solaris Cluster release by updating all packages. The upgrade also upgrades the Oracle Solaris OS to the latest compatible version.

A software update changes a specific Oracle Solaris Cluster package to a newer Support Repository Update (SRU) level. For more information on using the pkg commands to update packages, see Overview of Updating Oracle Solaris Cluster Software in Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide.