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Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0
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1.  Installing and Configuring HA for Oracle

A.  HA for Oracle Extension Properties

SUNW.oracle_server Extension Properties

SUNW.oracle_listener Extension Properties

B.  Preset Actions for DBMS Errors and Logged Alerts

C.  Sample Configurations for Oracle ASM with HA for Oracle


SUNW.oracle_listener Extension Properties

Listener_name (string)

The name of the Oracle listener. This name must match the corresponding entry in the listener.ora configuration file.


Range: Not applicable

Tunable: When disabled

Oracle_home (string)

The path to the Oracle home directory.

Default: No default defined

Range: Not applicable

Tunable: When disabled

Probe_timeout (integer)

The timeout value in seconds that the fault monitor uses to probe an Oracle listener.

Default: 180

Range: 1– 99,999

Tunable: Any time

User_env (string)

A file that contains environment variables to be set before listener startup and shutdown. Those environment variables that have values that differ from Oracle defaults must be defined in this file.

For example, a user's listener.ora file might not reside under the /var/opt/oracle directory or the $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin. directory. In this situation, the TNS_ADMIN environment variable should be defined.

The definition of each environment variable that is defined must follow the format VARIABLE_NAME=VARIABLE_VALUE. Each of these environment variables must be specified, one per line in the environment file.

Default: ““

Range: Not applicable

Tunable: Any time