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Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Oracle Solaris Availability Suite     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0
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1.  Replicating Data With the Availability Suite Feature of Oracle Solaris

Task Summary of Replicating Data in an Availability Suite Protection Group

Overview of Availability Suite Data Replication

Availability Suite Lightweight Resource Groups

Availability Suite Replication Resource Groups

Protecting Data on Replicated Volumes From Resynchronization Failure

Initial Configuration of Availability Suite Software

Availability Suite Volume Sets

Resources Required For A Volume Set

Automatic Configuration of Volume Sets

Automatically Enabling Fallback Snapshots

How to Set Up Raw-Disk Device Groups for Geographic Edition Systems

How to Configure an Availability Suite Volume in Oracle Solaris Cluster

Enabling an Availability Suite Volume Set

Automatically Enabling a Solaris Volume Manager Volume Set

Automatically Enabling a Raw Device Volume Set

Manually Enabling Volume Sets

Managing Fallback Snapshots Manually

The Snapshot_volume Property

Manually Enabling Fallback Snapshots

Manually Disabling Fallback Snapshots

Manually Modifying Fallback Snapshots

How to Configure the Oracle Solaris Cluster Device Group That Is Controlled by Availability Suite

How to Configure a Highly Available File System for Use With Availability Suite

2.  Administering Availability Suite Protection Groups

3.  Migrating Services That Use Availability Suite Data Replication

A.  Geographic Edition Properties for Availability Suite


Chapter 1

Replicating Data With the Availability Suite Feature of Oracle Solaris

During data replication, data from a primary cluster is copied to a backup or secondary cluster. The secondary cluster can be located at a geographically separated site from the primary cluster. This distance depends on the distance support that is available from your data replication product.

Geographic Edition software supports the use of the Availability Suite remote mirror feature of Oracle Solaris software for data replication. Before you can replicate data with the Availability Suite feature of Oracle Solaris software, you must be familiar with the Availability Suite documentation, have the Availability Suite product, and have the latest Availability Suite software updates installed on your system.

This chapter describes the procedures for configuring data replication with the Availability Suite feature. This chapter contains the following sections: