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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity System Administrator's Guide
Release 7.1

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1 Network Integrity System Administration Overview

This chapter provides an overview of Oracle Communications Network Integrity basic administration tasks, and the tools to perform those tasks.

Overview of Network Integrity Administration Tasks

As a Network Integrity administrator you are responsible for the day-to-day tasks of maintaining and managing Network Integrity and its users. The tasks also include managing Network Integrity components and database.


See Network Integrity Developer's Guide for information on managing cartridges in Network Integrity.

You perform the following tasks as a Network Integrity administrator:

Network Integrity administration involves managing and maintaining the application and its users, and also the components and servers that you installed along with the application.


To manage installation and administration, log in to the OS with the same user with which you were logged in when you installed Network Integrity. This user has permission to view and modify the files in your installation's Oracle home

About Network Integrity Administration Tools

Network Integrity is deployed on a WebLogic server. The most common tool for managing Network Integrity administration is Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console. Following is a list of tools that you can use to manage Network Integrity administration:


Use these tools to perform all administrative tasks unless a specific procedure requires that you edit a file. Editing files directly might introduce inconsistencies in settings that could generate problems.

Setting Up Environment Variables

To use Network Integrity, set the environment variables as shown in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 Environment Variables Values for Operating Systems

Environment Variable Value




On Solaris, ensure that the value contains the following directory:


On Linux, ensure that the value contains the following directory:


Value for Linux:


(Solaris only) LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64

Ensure that the value contains the following directory:



Ensure that the value contains the following directory:


export LIBPATH


Value for Linux:


export TNS_ADMIN


About The Cartridge Deployment

For information on managing cartridges using the Cartridge Deployer Tool, or managing cartridges using custom scripts, see Network Integrity Installation Guide.