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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity Developer's Guide
Release 7.1

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This guide explains how to extend Oracle Communications Network Integrity through standard Java practices using Oracle Communications Design Studio, which is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment. This guide includes references to both applications, and often directs the reader to see the Studio online Help and the Network Integrity online Help for instructions on how to perform specific tasks.

This guide should be read after reading Oracle Communications Network Integrity Concepts, because this guide assumes that the reader has a conceptual understanding of Network Integrity. This guide should be read from start to finish because the information presented in a chapter often builds upon information presented in a preceding chapter.

This guide refers to Oracle Communications Information Model Reference and Network Integrity Information Model Reference, which are part of the 7.2.2 Network Integrity documentation set.

This guide includes examples of typical development code used in given situations. The guidelines and examples may not be applicable in every situation.


This guide is intended for developers who implement code to extend Network Integrity. The developers should have a good working knowledge of XML and Java development and, in particular, JDO, standard Java practices, and J2EE principles.

You should read Oracle Communications Network Integrity Concepts before reading this guide.

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