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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity Developer's Guide
Release 7.1

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14 Working with Result Categories

This chapter outlines how to use result categories in Oracle Communications Network Integrity.

About Result Categories

Result Category is a mandatory field for the following action types:

  • Discovery action

  • Import action

  • Assimilation action

Result Category is used to identify a result group when an action adds the results to the result group. The Result Category value configured for the action must match the result group name in the Java implementation (the addToResult method) into which the discovered data is persisted. See Network Integrity Information Model Reference for information about using result categories in modeling results.

For more information about this Java implementation, see "Working with Discovery Actions and Processors".

Design Studio does not explicitly validate this result category name specified in Studio against the actual result group name specified in the Java implementation.

The result category and action define a result source for the following action types:

  • Discrepancy detection action

  • Discrepancy resolution action

Both actions work on results (to perform discrepancy detection or resolution, respectively) based on the result source.

For example, a discovery action persists discovered data in two result categories:

  • Device

  • Workstation

A discrepancy detection action defines the result source as this discovery action and the Device result category., that is, this action works on discovered data generated by the discovery action and stored in the Device result group. If the result category configured for the discovery action does not match the actual result group name in the Java implementation, but the discovery detection action is configured with the result source based on the result category configured in Studio, the discrepancy detection action is not able to find the results to perform discrepancy detection at run time. In other words. the result group name does not match the result category defined in result source.

To add results to the result group in the Java implementation, see "Configuring a Discovery Processor".

About Result Categories in Network Integrity

Result Category is the identifier for a result group. An action configured with a result category persists the results to the corresponding result group after being deployed and executed in Network Integrity. The result category is visible in the Network Integrity user interface (UI) when displaying the scan results.

Figure 14-1 shows the result category in the Network Integrity UI. The discovered device is stored under the result category, Device.


Provide an appropriate result category when configuring an action, because this value is displayed in the Network Integrity user interface.

Figure 14-1 Result Category in Network Integrity UI

Shows result category