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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity Developer's Guide
Release 7.1

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1 Installing Design Studio for Network Integrity

2 Setting Preferences in Network Integrity

3 Working With Cartridges

4 Working with Actions

5 Working with Processors

6 Working with Discovery Actions and Processors

7 Working with SNMP Processors

8 Working with Import Actions and Processors

9 Working with Assimilation Actions and Processors

10 Introduction to Discrepancies

11 Working with Discrepancy Detection Actions and Processors

12 Working with Discrepancy Resolution Actions and Processors

13 Working with Address Handlers

14 Working with Result Categories

15 Model Extension Using Specifications


17 Working with UI Parameters

18 Setting Conditions in Network Integrity

19 Extensibility SDK

20 Building and Packaging Cartridges

21 Deploying and Undeploying Cartridges

22 Debugging and Testing Cartridges

23 Sealing and Unsealing Cartridges

24 Exporting and Importing Cartridges

25 Design Studio Source Control

26 Web Service API

27 Working with Scan Run Complete Notification

28 Tips and Tricks

29 Network Integrity Plug-in Validation Error Messages

30 JCA Resource Adapters

31 Network Integrity Reports Extensibility

32 Network Integrity SOA Extensibility

33 Network Integrity Localization Pack