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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity Cisco Router and Switch UIM Integration Cartridge Guide
Release 7.1

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10 About Design Studio Extension

This chapter provides information on the Oracle Communications Design Studio Extensions for Network Integrity.

Design Studio Extension Example

For this example, Cisco introduces a new vendor type to represent a new equipment part. Currently, this cartridge defines a map called ciscoVendorTypesMap that contains the equipment part name indexed by the vendor type number, which is a portion of the entPhysicalVendorType OID. The Cisco SNMP Properties Initializer produces this map and makes it available for other processors. To update the map to include a new vendor type number and corresponding equipment part name, you can extend Discover Generic Cisco SNMP and add a new Cisco SNMP Post Properties Initializer processor. This initializer takes as input the map (for example, ciscoVendorTypesMap) produced by the Cisco SNMP Properties Initializer. The implementation can then update the map.

For more details regarding extensibility, see Network Integrity Developer's Guide.