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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity MIB-II SNMP Cartridge Guide
Release 7.1

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5 About the Cartridge Components

This chapter provides information about the components of the Oracle Communications Network Integrity MIB-II SNMP cartridge.

Network Integrity MIB-II SNMP cartridge Components

The Network Integrity MIB-II SNMP cartridge contains a Discover MIB-II SNMP action, which contains the following three processors:

Discover MIB-II SNMP Action

The Discover MIB-II SNMP action scans a device and provides a hierarchical model of what is discovered.

The Network Integrity MIB-II SNMP cartridge is designed to be used on a standalone basis to display the Logical device hierarchy in the Network Integrity GUI. The SNMP cartridge provides no integration with other products but can be extended.

MIB-II Properties Initializer Processor

The MIB-II Properties Initializer processor is used to output the following data sets:

  • snmpVendorNameMap: contains a snapshot of industry enterprise numbers to help identify devices in the network.

  • snmpIfTypeMap: contains a snapshot of ifTypes to help identify interface types in the network.

Table 5-1 shows a fragment of each data set output from the MIB-II Properties Initializer.

Table 5-1 MIB-II Properties Initializer Fragment

Sample snmpIfTypeMap Sample snmpVendorNameMap

1: other (1)

0 = Reserved

2: regular1822 (2)

1 = NxNetworks

3: hdh1822 (3)

2 = IBM

4: ddnX25 (4)

3 = Carnegie Mellon

5: rfc877x25 (5)

4 = UNIX

6: ethernetCsmacd (6)

5 = ACC

7: iso88023Csmacd (7)

6 = TWG

8: iso88024TokenBus (8)


9: iso88025TokenRing (9)

8 = PSI

10: iso88026Man (10)

9 = ciscoSystems

251: vdsl2 (251)


The content of these files may change from time to time, so they are maintained as part of cartridge revisions. SDK extensions to this cartridge can update the content of the property files. See "Design Studio Extensions" for more information.

MIB-II SNMP Collector Processor

The MIB-II SNMP Collector processor is used to collect SNMP variables from a device. See "About Poll Lists" for more information.

MIB-II SNMP Modeler Processor

The MIB-II SNMP Modeler processor is used to model the data collected from the MIB-II SNMP Collector processor. Modeling includes building the hierarchical relationship of logical device and child Interfaces.