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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity MIB-II UIM Integration Cartridge Guide
Release 7.1

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9 Design Studio Construction

This chapter provides information on using Oracle Communications Design Studio to construct for the Oracle Communications Network Integrity Management Information Base (MIB) II Unified Inventory Management (UIM) Integration cartridge.

Model Collections

Table 9-1 shows the model collection for the MIB-II UIM Integration cartridge.

Table 9-1 MIB-II UIM Model Collection

Specification Notes


Intended to represent any root object discovered on the network


Intended to represent any interface discovered under deviceGeneric


Intended to represent IpAddresses that are applied to a interfaceGeneric


Container of IP addresses


Container of IP address details

Specification Lineage

This section outlines the specification lineage.

        [0..*] interfaceGeneric
                [0..1] GenericMedia
                            [0..1] IP Addresses
                                [0..*] IpAddress
                                        IpAddress (characteristic)
                                        Prefix (characteristic)
                                        IpVersion (characteristic)

Discovery Actions

Table 9-2 shows the discovery actions for the MIB-II UIM Integration cartridge.

Table 9-2 Discover MIB-II SNMP Actions

ResultCategory Address Handler UI Parameters Model Processors



  • version, Enum {v1, v2c, v3}

  • port, String

  • snmpReadCommunity, String

  • snmpTimeout, String

  • snmpRetries, String

  • username, String

  • contextName, String

  • authProtocol, Enum {MD5, SHA}

  • authPassword, String

  • privacyProtocal Enum {DES}

  • privacyPassword, String

MIB-II Model

  • MIB-II Properties Initializer

  • MIB-II SNMP Collector

  • MIB-II SNMP Modeler

Figure 9-1 depicts the Discover MIB-II SNMP action chain.

Figure 9-1 Discover MIB-II SNMP Action Chain

Displays action chain for SNMP discover action

Discovery Processors

Table 9-3 shows the discovery processors for the MIB-II UIM Integration cartridge.

Table 9-3 Discovery Processors

Processor Name Variable

MIB-II Properties Initializer

Input: N/A


  • snmpIfTypeMap

    Property map containing listing of ifTypes to string name

  • snmpVendorNameMap

    Property map containing listing of sysObjectId suffixes to vendorName

MIB-II SNMP Collector

Input: N/A


  • mibiisnmpCollectorResponseDocument (implicit)

    Polled SNMP data, see About Poll Lists


Input: mibiisnmpCollectorResponseDocument, snmpIfTypeMap


  • deviceInterfaceMap

    A map that contains interfaces with IfIndex as key.

  • logicalDevice

    This is the logical device that was created in the MIB-II Modeler

The MIB-II SNMP Collector polling the SNMP variables implicitly outputs this data in mibiisnmpCollectorResponseDocument. This output field is not seen explicitly in Design Studio. This document is available to the MIB-II SNMP Modeler processor.

Property File Sample

Table 9-4 shows a sample of the property files being loaded by the MIB-II Properties Initializer.

Table 9-4 Sample Property Files Loaded by MIB-II Properties Initializer

Sample snmpIfTypeMap Sample snmpVendorNameMap

1: other (1)

0 = Reserved

2: regular1822 (2)

1 = NxNetworks

3: hdh1822 (3)

2 = IBM

4: ddnX25 (4)

3 = Carnegie Mellon

5: rfc877x25 (5)

4 = UNIX

6: ethernetCsmacd (6)

5 = ACC

7: iso88023Csmacd (7)

6 = TWG

8: iso88024TokenBus (8)


9: iso88025TokenRing (9)

8 = PSI

10: iso88026Man (10)

9 = ciscoSystems

251: vdsl2 (251)



The snmpVendorNameMap is not used in this cartridge but is initialized for extension cartridges to make use of this map.

Discrepancy Detection Actions

Table 9-5 shows the discrepancy detection actions for the MIB-II UIM Integration cartridge.

Table 9-5 Detect MIB-II UIM Discrepancies Actions

Model Notes Processors


This discrepancy detection is comparing the discovered tree from Discover MIB-II SNMP

  • MIB-II UIM Filters Initializer

  • Discrepancy Detector

Figure 9-2 depicts the Discrepancy MIB-II Detection action chain.

Figure 9-2 Discrepancy MIB-II Detection Action Chain

Displays chain for detection discrepancy action

Discrepancy Detection Processor

Table 9-6 shows the discrepancy detection processor for the MIB-II UIM Integration cartridge.

Table 9-6 Discrepancy Detection Processor

Processor Name Variables

MIB-II UIM Filters Initializer

See MIB-II UIM Filter Initializer Processor.

Discrepancy Detector

See MIB-II UIM Filter Initializer Processor.

Import MIB-II from UIM Action

Table 9-7 shows the import action for the MIB-II UIM Integration cartridge.

Table 9-7 Import MIB-II from UIM Action

Result Category UI Parameters Model Processors


  • logicalDeviceId

  • logicalDeviceIdQualifier

  • name

  • nameQualifier

  • mgmtIpAddress

  • mgmtIpAddressQualifer

  • assignmentState

  • adminState


  • Logical Device UIM Finder

  • MIB-II UIM Importer

  • MIB-II UIM Persister

Figure 9-3 depicts the import MIB-II from UIM action chain.

Figure 9-3 Import MIB-II from UIM Action Chain

Displays chain for a UIM import action

Import Processor

Table 9-8 shows the import processor for the MIB-II UIM Integration cartridge.

Table 9-8 Import Processor

Processor Name Variables

Logical Device UIM Finder

Input: N/A


  • uimLogicalDeviceIDs

    A list of String Ids Each ID that fetch a single Logical Device entity from UIM. The list of logical devices matches the search criteria input in the integrity UI.

  • uimWSConnection

    Holds the UIM WS Port object, which is used to run Web services.

MIB-II UIM Importer

Input: uimLDevID, uimWSConnection


  • ldev

    Integrity representation of Logical Device. The tree can be traversed by following the Device Interface relationship.

  • uimLdev

    UIM WS representation of Logical Device tree.

MIB-II UIM Persister

Input: N/A

Output: N/A

Discrepancy Resolution Action

Table 9-9 shows the discrepancy resolution action for the MIB-II UIM Integration cartridge.

Table 9-9 Resolve MIB-II in UIM Action

Model Results Source Result Category Processors


Discover MIB-II SNMP


  • Resolution Framework Initializer

  • MIB-II UIM Framework Initializer

  • Resolution Framework Dispatcher

Figure 9-4 depicts the discrepancy resolution action chain.

Figure 9-4 Discrepancy Resolution Action Chain

Displays chain for discrepancy resolution action

Discrepancy Resolution Processor

Table 9-10 shows the discrepancy resolution processor for the MIB-II UIM Integration cartridge.

Table 9-10 Discrepancy Resolution Processor

Import Processor Variables

Resolution Framework Initializer

Input: N/A

Output: baseResolutionElement, uimWebService

See Resolve Framework Initializer Processor.

MIB-II UIM Framework Initializer Collector

Input: baseResolutionElement, uimWebService

Output: N/A

See MIB-II UIM Resolution Initializer Processor.

Resolution Framework Dispatcher

Input: baseResolutionElement, uimWebService

Output: N/A

See Resolution Framework Dispatcher Processor.