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Oracle® Communications Network Integrity MIB-II UIM Integration Cartridge Guide
Release 7.1

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10 Design Studio Extensions

This chapter provides information on Oracle Communications Design Studio extensions to the Oracle Communications Network Integrity Management Information Base (MIB) II Unified Inventory Management (UIM) Integration cartridge.

Example 1

To update the property files (in the event that new interface types or new vendors are introduced), the user can extend “Discover MIB-II SNMP” and add a new “Post” processor, which takes as input, snmpIfTypeMap or snmpVendorNameMap, source code can then update the map either programmatically or by loading a new property file and then (re)write into the map. For details of extensibility see Network Integrity Developer's Guide.

Example 2

If the user wants to extend the cartridge to discover, resolve and import the Physical Device Tree, the reader should see the Cisco Router and Switch UIM Integration cartridge. This cartridge serves as a fully implemented example.